What We’ve Created

Apotex is a proudly Canadian, global pharmaceutical company driven by a singular and focused purpose: Improving access to medicines for millions of patients worldwide.  We do this by providing affordable, innovative and high-quality solutions.

From its two-employee, 5,000 square-feet beginning in Toronto, we have grown to employ more than 11,000 people in research, development, manufacturing, and distribution facilities worldwide.


  • Produce 25 billion dosages a year 
  • Export to more than 115 countries
  • Manufacture more than 300 generic pharmaceuticals in over 4,000 dosages and formats
  • Fill 1 in 5 prescriptions in Canada – the largest amount of any company in this country


Our fully integrated business model includes Apobiologix, a pioneer in the research and development of biosimilar medicines that increase the number of safe and effective treatment options for disabling and potentially life-threatening conditions.

Since the launch of our first product to treat cancer patients, we have increased access to this affordable alternative and saved the Canadian healthcare system almost $30 million. 

We also have a business dedicated to the production of the highest quality raw material used in the production of our medicines. Called Global Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (GAPI), it is the largest API manufacturer in Canada, with an expansive portfolio with more than 200 API’s. We export API to 40 countries.